02: Exploring the possibilities of your practice with Chris Davis

In this episode, I chat with Chris Davis, a full time yoga teacher and artist! He teaches vinyasa classes and inversions workshops at several different studios and gyms in Portland.

Chris got into yoga when he was almost 40 and he’s surprised himself at how much his body is able to do. Today, he says he’s stronger than when he was in his 20s. He talks about how his classes are about gradually working towards a pose to explore the possibilities in your own practice. Listen to the episode to hear about he got into yoga, his teaching style, adapting to male students, and how his practice is rooted in aging gracefully.

He teaches a weekly inversions class at a few studios, and starting May 2, he’s teaching a series of classes called “6 -weeks to Handstand” at Studio PDX. In the podcast he talks about his approach to posting videos of his practice; check out one of them below.

For his class schedule, visit http://www.hellotoallthefishes.com. Follow him on Facebook at Chris Davis and Instagram, @hellotoallthefishes, and check out his fun videos and artwork. Pro tip: the artwork is available for purchase at Chris’s Etsy shop.

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Hi, I’m Jas. I hope you enjoy learning more about local yoga teachers with me! I love hatha, slooow vinyasa, milk chocolate Lindt truffles, and pistachio gelato. Yay, you just learned something new!
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