19 Diana Hulet’s Journey to Teaching Yoga Philosophy

Diana Hulet

My guest today is the lovely Diana Hulet. Diana has been teaching in Portland since 2004. She’s taught all around town, and co-owned the Bhaktishop with Lisa Mae Osborn, beginning in 2007. Most recently, she has been working as the director of the yoga program at Edge Fitness.

The first time we met, I learned that Diana has been teaching yoga philosophy for over a decade, which really intrigued me because I’ve been wanting to delve more into philosophy – I haven’t really done that a whole lot since my teacher training. Diana’s going to be my guest on some philosophy-centered podcast episodes in the future, so we wanted to post this episode as an introduction so you can learn a little more about her and what led her to teaching yoga philosophy today.

Listen to hear how her upbringing and losing her parents at a young age brought her into her practice. Diana talked about how the body is an entry point for going deeper into philosophy and explains how her focus and interests with regards to her practice have changed over time.

Diana is hosting an event called “Santosha” on November 17, 2018. Go to bit.ly/dianahulet for more info. It’s a practice in which you will be invited to look at the ways that desire and grasping affect our capacity for wholeness through movement, meditation, and journaling.

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