18 Hatha Hikes with Derek

Hatha Hikes with Derek

Our guest this episode is Derek, who started a company called Hatha Hikes. He quit his job at Intel to put his energy into what he enjoys – yoga, food, the outdoors, and connecting with people. We went on an excursion with him during the Summer – it was fantastic! He has some fun planned for the Winter, too. He’s off in India immersing himself in advanced teacher training  at the moment, but he’ll be back in December with more yoga & outdoor fun so check back then. Meanwhile, enjoy the episode!

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Jas Bansal
Hi, I’m Jas. I hope you enjoy learning more about local yoga teachers with me! I love hatha, slooow vinyasa, milk chocolate Lindt truffles, and pistachio gelato. Yay, you just learned something new!

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