11 Life After Teacher Training with Tristan Katz

Tristan Katz

Are you thinking about doing a teacher training program? Have you already done a teacher training program and have discovered you have mixed feelings about teaching? This episode is for you! My guest is Tristan Katz. Tristan practiced for ten years before deciding to get her teacher training certification.

She went through two 200-hour teacher training programs back to back and then taught for two and a half years. After teaching for a couple years, Tristan began to see that she wasn’t enjoying it as much as she thought she might. She even began to resent a particular class being on her schedule. She noticed that preparing for class started to feel like a chore instead of feeling fun.

My Own Journey with Teaching

I still teach but I definitely had my own in figuring out what I wanted from teaching. I was super excited about finally training to be a yoga teacher after thinking about it for five years. I did a program that’s longer than average, about six months and learned an immense amount. I dove into teaching instead of continuing onto a 300-hour training, as some of my fellow students were doing, because the thought of starting to teach scared me. I knew I had to do it right away, otherwise I would lose momentum. I taught as much as I could for 5 months after graduating, sometimes teaching eight classes on top of a full-time job. It was pretty tiring and my own practice was suffering.

I wound down my studio teaching gigs as Fall began but kept teaching twice a week at work. I started putting significantly more time into my personal practice. It felt weird at first to not teach at a studio and I found myself thinking “oh I should probably get back to teaching at a studio.” Should. When I heard myself say that word, I knew it wasn’t something that I was truly yearning to do. I knew I wanted to engage with the yoga community in some way, but my gut told me that it wouldn’t be through teaching around town. A few months later, I realized that engagement was going to come through the podcast!

I kept teaching at work but reduced it to once a week. I’ve kept up the investment in my own practice. The podcast keeps me engaged in the yoga community, learning more, and meeting more people than I would have otherwise, so it’s become clear to me that I found the right balance.

Tristan and I talked about the pressure we put on ourselves to have a schedule and practice that we think we should have as teachers. Though we had different paths, we both eventually ended up getting back to listening to ourselves, our intuition and our bodies, on and off the mat.

I would love to hear your experience with teaching – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Share your stories in the comment below or join our Facebook group, Mo Yoga Portland to chat with other members of the community.

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