09 The Journey to Self Actualization with Lisa Hedley

Ever feel like you have the possibility to be so much more? Do you feel stuck, like you don’t know what’s holding you back? My friend Lisa Hedley, a self-actualization teacher, sat down with me to talk about using mind, body, and spirit to move towards our most possible ourselves.

Lisa Hedley

Lisa and I met during our yoga teacher training and I was struck by how strongly she stands in herself, how experienced and wise she is, all while being fun to hang out with. She’s been a dear friend of mine ever since!

She has a wealth of life experience, degrees in fine arts, philosophy, and transformative learning, plus she’s trained as a teacher in Ashtanga and therapeutics yoga. In Lisa’s words, “by looking at and working on self-actualization through the lens of many disciplines and wisdom traditions, I’ve gleaned what was essential for my own healing and uncovered my unique gifts in service to others. What I offer my clients is the distillation of the most transformative and vital information from the East and West, as well as my personal experience with healing and development.”

How Lisa’s Past Influenced Her Journey

Lisa’s parents divorced when Lisa was 9 years old. Her mother left Lisa and her brother in her father’s care so that she could focus on her own spiritual path. This trauma and the subsequent instability resulted in a decade of eating disorders for Lisa. Though she was inclined towards a spiritual practice and had a leaning towards mysticism, she rebelled against spirituality because she associated it with childhood trauma. She couldn’t sit still to meditate and wasn’t doing much yoga.

The Turning Point

It all started to change when Lisa had the opportunity to go to Egypt. During her trip, she had a peak experience (you’ve gotta listen to her describe it in the podcast, I can’t do it justice). After she returned to the States, she felt that incredible feeling starting to wane, so she picked up her yoga practice as a way to reconnect with that peak experience in her body. I didn’t know what a peak experience was before this conversation, so in case you don’t know either, it’s an intense experience filled with awe and ecstasy.

Her Path In Yoga

Lisa practiced with several different teachers over the last 20 years. She started in the Iyengar tradition with Tias Little. Then, while living in Colorado, she practiced Ashtanga with Richard Freeman. She went on to practice with Wendy Border, who taught Anusara yoga, for ten years because it was the focus on heart opening that allowed her to heal and have her first peak experience on the mat, feeling a connection with oneness and everyone else in the room.

Lisa says these peak experiences can be had by everyone. She wanted to hold space for her own experience and it became obvious to her that she wanted to hold that space for other people, too – she wants to help people live to their fullest potential.

Sorting the Ego

Lisa’s job is to help uncover your balance in three areas: mind, body, and spirit. She helps clients dig into their ego processes and see if there’s a way to be in the world without attaching to stimuli so they can find who they are authentically. So they can exist in flow, in the now, and transcend the ego. Watch the video below to learn how you can do an exercise at home that starts the process of examining your own ego processes.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

  • You can take a quiz on Lisa’s website, www.lisahedley.com, to find out whether you’re oriented toward body, mind, or spirit. From there, receive a week of rituals, then dive into sessions on body, mind, and spirit one by one to learn how you can start utilizing your full energy.
  • Join Lisa’s Facebook group, Alive, Awake, Empowered for more inspiration and conversation around this topic.
  • Follow Lisa on Instagram: @alive.awake.empowered
  • Check out the book below that Lisa mentioned about what happens after having a peak experience.

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