07 Yoga and Astrology with Jill Case

Jill Case

Jill, a chemical engineer by trade, has been teaching yoga for over 20 years. If you go to one of her classes, you might hear her lead some chanting on the harmonium, talk about current astrological happenings and experience her aromatherapy oils all within 75 minutes. Jill uses a variety of ways to work with the energetics of our bodies in her approach to holistic healing. She incorporates astrology into her classes and retreats because she believes that the energy of what’s happening with the planets affects everybody, so she gives her students tools to work through it in their bodies. Jill has developed her own aromatherapy line, Earth & Sky Medicinals, because for her, scents are very strongly connected to feelings and can influence the transformation we wish for ourselves.

Why Astrology?

Jill views astrology as a way to understand yourself and the world around you; the outer is a reflection of the inner. When she was introduced to astrology, she found that it came naturally to her, as if she had always known it. Because planets represent psycho-spiritual functions that we all deal with, she says it helps empower her to have a less biased approach in learning about herself and the world. To Jill, yoga and astrology are different expressions of the same energy; they’re inseparable. Because of the ancient connection between our body parts and the planets, she creates her yoga class sequences with the astrological patterns in mind. She feels the energy in the room and picks what she thinks will do the best for the most people. She likens astrology to soup; you can taste a lot of different flavors, but most people will be able to taste the most predominant flavor. She uses the predominant astrological flavor to shape her classes. Listen to this episode for some examples on how she makes it practical for her students!

An Intuition Exercise

Jill strives to use her talents to help people learn more about themselves and what might be blocking their truest expression of themselves. Part of that is learning to tap into your intuition. In the video below, Jill leads me through an intuition exercise that you can use to notice reactions in your body when you’re having trouble making a decision. She doesn’t recommend jumping right to making life-changing decisions with this one; start with small stuff to get used to what you feel in your body. For this exercise, I used an upcoming vacation for my wedding anniversary – nothing serious. Definitely try this one for yourselves; I was pretty surprised at the subtle changes I noticed in response to going back and forth between my two choices!

Find Jill’s class schedule, aromatherapy products, and upcoming retreats on her website at www.jillcasepdx.com and follow her on Facebook.

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