This episode’s guest is a bit of an exception in that she’s based in Orlando, Florida. I was connected with Erin Laine through a mutual friend and I’m so glad that we met! Erin is real, down to earth, and was a pleasure to chat with.

She explained that she had a pretty strict Christian upbringing in St. Louis Missouri and her family was very involved with a church. She was a very athletic kid but experienced a huge setback when she had to stop playing sports because of injuries. In Erin’s words, she “ran into chaos” after her family moved to Florida. Listen to the show to hear how she made her way out of substance abuse problems to falling in love with yoga.

Her strong Christian background continues to play a prominent role in her life; she teaches Christian yoga classes in addition to secular classes. She’s branded herself the Christian yoga lady and embraces demystifying yoga to Christians, teaching her students how to incorporate yoga teachings into their faith. One of her favorite things about teaching yoga is being intentional about sending loving energy with her physical adjustments to her students during savasana.

Erin is one busy lady. Aside from teaching yoga classes and meditation courses, she refinishes cabinets for her family’s business, is an actor, and produces films. You can find more information on her class schedule, videos, and Christian yoga at She’s also produced a series of yoga videos that you can find on YouTube. Check out the video below for a sequence you can do after a cardio workout or a run.

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