24 Katherine Parker from Studio PDX

Katherine Parker is a yoga instructor, owner of Studio PDX, and co-owner of Yomassage. Listen to her interview and be sure to check out her signature class, 6 Weeks to Splits™.

23 Yoga Philosophy with Diana Hulet

Diana joins us again in this episode for a chat on yoga philosophy. We focused on one of the most loved Upanishads, the Kata Upanishad, which can be translated as “death of the teacher.”

20 Revivewell Studios with Clarissa Evans

Our guest this episode is Clarissa Evans: owner, trainer, and yoga teacher at Revivewell Training & Yoga in Southwest Portland. Listen to her story about creating a space where people could use exercise as a stress relief in a healthy way and not as an addiction!

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Jas Bansal
Hi, I’m Jas. I hope you enjoy learning more about local yoga teachers with me! I love hatha, slooow vinyasa, milk chocolate Lindt truffles, and pistachio gelato. Yay, you just learned something new!

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